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Animesh Priyadarshi is a dedicated professional who aims to drive Bihar's development through industry establishment and job creation. He was born and brought up in the Darbhanga district of Bihar. He completed his schooling in Darbhanga and his intermediate studies at Magadh University, Patna. He is a professional leader committed to transforming Bihar into a thriving employment hub. He firmly believes that The ISV Program will play a vital role in Bihar's Development. It will address key issues, promoting local value, economic growth, diversification, and business improvement. Animesh's career has taken him across 30+ countries, where he has held key positions. An MBA in Industrial Marketing and Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering has given him better technical and thinking skills and the ability to make good choices, which help him connect with people worldwide. He's highly skilled in Global Relations, utilizing his international experiences to attract investors to do investments in Bihar.

Animesh Priyadarshi

Animesh Priyadarshi's Exciting Startup Ventures in Bihar

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Common Queries Answered

He has launched various service industry projects, including Rising Mithila Business, HumToHaiNa, Statedelight, and SavariMithilaKi to set new standards.

He understands the importance of industry establishment and industry-friendly policies to create job opportunities.

His vision is to transform Bihar into a thriving center of employment opportunities, particularly for young individuals.

He emphasizes partnerships between businesses, government, and academia to drive innovation and create jobs for local communities.

His objectives include increasing foreign direct investment, enhancing the role of small enterprises, reducing unemployment, and increasing women's participation in the workforce.

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