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With a 17+year of journey in the oil and gas industries, His career journey has taken him across 30+ countries, where he served key roles and collaborated with professionals and top executives worldwide. Presently, he serves as Board of Director for Velan Gulf Manufacturing Company of Saudi Arabia and he is also serving as the Director of Sales for a Velan Inc, a Canadian manufacturing company specialized in highly engineered products. He is stationed in Dubai and overseeing India, Middle East, and Africa region. Animesh is a proven successful business consultant to grow the business of various Multinational companies located worldwide such as Italy, Germany, Austria, United Arab of Emirates, Qatar, India and Saudi Arabia.

He was the first and youngest professional in his initial company to be relocated from India to Italy, a proof of his ability to get things done accurately and promptly. His talent drove him to the role of Director in his current company, where he stands as the youngest Director. Animesh's achievements include securing the longest residency visa, the Golden Visa under the talent/educational category, from the UAE government. While numerous individuals, including celebrities from certain nations, have made significant million-dollar investments to secure a Golden Visa in the UAE, Animesh earned his through his exceptional talent and education.

Visionary Leadership for Bihar's Employment and Startup Transformation

Animesh Priyadarshi, a visionary professional leader, is dedicated to transforming Bihar into a thriving center of employment opportunities. His determined goal is to ensure that every 21-year-old in Bihar secures a job aligned with their qualifications, assisting personal growth and economic development within the state.

Animesh's extensive global experience and interactions with rapidly developing nations have given him invaluable insights into strategies that drive economic growth. He recognizes the power of partnerships between businesses, government, and academia in boosting competitiveness, drive innovation, and, most importantly creating jobs for local communities.

Moreover, Animesh is a distinguished consultant known for setting up significant service industries in Bihar. His initiatives, such as Rising Mithila Business, SavariMithilaKi, HumToHaiNa, and Statedelight are revolutionizing services in Bihar, competing with established players, and setting new standards.

With a deep understanding of international policies and regulations, Animesh brings out the importance of industry establishment and industry-friendly policies. These elements have been instrumental in driving job creation in some of the world's fastest-growing nation. Animesh's global vision, built over the last two decades, will help Bihar with employment growth and economic success.

Driving Success Through Leadership, Productivity, and Motivation

Animesh's various role encompasses vital aspects:

  • As a Global Relations strategist, he leverages his extensive international experiences and connections to attract investments to Bihar. Top executives respect his ability to facilitate cross-country deals.

  • His commitment to system development and productivity improvement shines through. He understands the importance of clear, achievable goals, and he excels in creating streamlined, effective plans for success.

  • As an inspirational speaker, Animesh motivates and persuades others to embrace positivity and achieve success. His speeches are designed to inspire, encouraging individuals to harness their potential and drive their personal and professional growth.

A True Patriot: Kind, Caring, and Religious

Animesh truly represents a true patriot, going well beyond just having a simple love for his nation. His dedication to India and Bihar drives him to work for their betterment actively. His love is unconditional, and it is reflected through his state-focused start-ups.

In his humanitarian pursuits, Animesh aspires to be recognized not by wealth but by his commitment to improving education, housing, and food for underprivileged communities in Bihar.

Animesh's religious beliefs emphasize respect for all faiths, promoting connections among people, God, and the world. This way of looking at things has helped build close connections with people from various cultures and nations.

Dedicated Family Man and Responsible Father

Animesh's commitment to family and responsibility is evident in his life. He believes in honoring and respecting parents, striving to bring happiness to their lives while ensuring that his children also show this love and respect. As an attentive husband, he emphasizes understanding and cherishing his life partner, Shweta Kiran Shrivastava, acknowledging the need for mutual understanding and growth in their relationship.

Despite losing his father at a young age, Animesh understands the core roles of a father - protector, provider, and mentor, which he genuinely fulfills for his two children, who were born in Italy and now study in Dubai. As the head of his family, Animesh ensures their well-being and safety, even in his absence, ensuring they have all they need for a comfortable and normal life.

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